Become a CSR Management Consultant

Calling all CSR, ESG & Sustainability Consultants…

Stop chasing those leads and invoices. Spend time working on projects that really make an impact. Keep your flexibility working as an independent consultant but rely on us to source clients and projects with a tailored campaign built around you. You decide which clients and projects you work on.

We are building a global network of independent CSR, ESG & Sustainability Consultants like you. We can help you win more consultancy projects. We give you all the support you could need from a large consultancy with FREE client and project management software, billing and administration support and a payment guarantee within 30 days. 

Our expert business development team actively searches for projects that suit your skillset and experience. Our marketing team create campaigns around your requirements and our client and project management software keeps you organised. You can even use it for your own clients if you want.

Think of us as the business development team you wish you had. We’re making it a reality. Let’s have a conversation.

How does it work?

10 reasons you should work with us

  1. We are your sales and marketing team – More time making a difference, less time prospecting & pitching
  2. Choose when you work with us – Be flexible. We’re not exclusive. Work with us when you want
  3. Choose your projects – Be picky. Accept the projects you like. Decline the ones you don’t
  4. We find projects specifically for you – We create marketing campaigns around your location and skillset
  5. Collaborate – Don’t be an island. We share ideas, innovations and expertise
  6. Manage everything online – Stay organised. Use our FREE client & project management software
  7. We take care of the admin – Stop chasing invoices! We’ll manage billing, payments and admin
  8. Earn affiliate revenue – Earn extra revenue working with approved sustainability partners 
  9. We provide tools and client management – Drive efficiency. Use our online client management portal and tools
  10. Payment guarantee – We pay you within 30 days, whether the client has paid for the project or not

How do you apply?

It’s simple and quick. Follow the process below:

We look forward to working with you!

Any questions?

Get in touch and we’ll help you every step of the way.

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