CSR Research

When the future of your business (and the planet) is at stake, it pays to be thorough in your research. During our initial consultation we’ll discuss the depth of research that CSR Management will undertake to fulfil your sustainability research brief.

“I believe in innovation and that the way you get innovation is you fund research and you learn the basic facts. ”

Bill Gates

Our CSR and Sustainability consultants undertake research projects worldwide for a variety of clients.

What CSR, ESG and sustainability research do we do?

  • Sustainability studies for companies, councils, governments, NGO’s   
  • KPIs and KRAs – Sustainable performance indicators that you can measure.
  • Write sustainability research papers
  • Competitor CSR and sustainability analysis   
  • Mystery shopping and inspections of supply chain and distributors.   
  • Sustainable process and innovation research 
  • Sustainable technology feasibility study
  • Charity partnership alignment and research
  • Structure and governance recommendations 
  • Technology and innovation for all industries
  • CSR and Sustainability Software Solutions
  • Sustainability Data Management Systems Assessment
  • Carbon Neutral and Net Zero Goals for an organisation or industry
  • Implementing and reporting on the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Sustainable construction recommendations
  • Stakeholder sustainability research and consumer focus groups 

During our initial consultation we’ll discuss the depth of research that we’ll need to undertake to fulfil your brief. 

Our network of CSR consultants worldwide cover every industry so you can be confident that CSR Management will undertake the appropriate research with a methodical and detailed approach. We will work to your requirements and budget to ensure that your CSR strategy is well-informed with input from as many stakeholders as possible.   

From time to time our teams will publish research reports and white papers, sometimes for governments, research or industry bodies and sometimes just for fun… (no seriously). This is an opportunity for our CSR and sustainability consultants to develop a deeper understanding of certain industries and territories expanding their knowledge base through case studies.   

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