Why Outsource your CSR & Sustainability?

“It’s not easy being green”

Kermit the frog

You do you. You know how to run your business better than anyone, we know how to ensure that CSR becomes embedded into your business, future-proofing it for years to come. 

The evidence is here. Your business needs a credible CSR strategy…

for two reasons: 

  1. To save the planet and improve people’s lives all over the world. 
  2. To improve your reputation, increase revenue and future proof your business. 

The vast majority of organisations don’t have the time, resources or knowledge to research, create, implement, manage and communicate a credible CSR strategy that aligns with their brand values. 

The simple fact is that your customers, investors and the public want you to do more. CSR, ESG & Sustainability shouldn’t be an afterthought.  

According to Glassdoor the average CSR Director would cost a company £75,000+ a year in salary and benefits before any accreditations, management systems, equipment or processes. That’s a lot. 

But not every organisation needs a Director of Sustainability or a CSR Manager straight away. Some businesses will never need full time CSR or sustainability teams but how do you know what you need and when?

CSR Management operates in this knowledge and resource gap.

We work with start-ups and established businesses, FTSE-100 companies or SMEs, public and private firms, government departments, schools, universities. We have the expertise you need and we put it to use effectively. 

The Fundamentals Package

Our entry level CSR Outsourcing Package. Perfect for small businesses, public bodies, schools and start ups who don’t yet need a full-time CSR Manager but want all the benefits of a credible CSR strategy.

The Professional Package

Our in depth CSR Outsourcing Package helping business es and organisations of all sizes define, implement and manage a quality CSR strategy with experienced CSR and sustainability experts.