ESG Review and Gap Analysis

ESG is a unique framework for environmental, social and governance issues. ESG Management is the ESG consulting subsidiary of CSR Management Group. Our expert ESG consultants can help companies of all sizes to benchmark and improve their ESG Ratings by providing professional consultancy services.

The first step in any ESG strategy is to review and benchmark your company’s social responsibility performance. This review and gap analysis will highlight your successes and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Think of it as an ESG health check that is tailored to your organisation, location and your industry. It’s a simple process that requires a small amount of your time. We can work with existing ESG, CSR or sustainability teams or conduct your review independently.

What do you have to do? 

  • Agree the scope of the review with your ESG Management Consultant. 
  • Complete a simple but detailed questionnaire online. 
  • Provide required supporting ESG information. 
  • Send a survey link to employees, suppliers, customers, investors for feedback (optional). 
  • Provide competitors for comparison (depending on the review scope).

What will our ESG Management Consultants do? 

  • Initial consultation to discuss scope of the review based on size and locations. 
  • Detailed analysis of your current ESG strategy.
  • Collection and analysis of stakeholder surveys and questionnaires.  
  • Scoring and benchmarking of your ESG performance.
  • Consultation to discuss score and next steps to further improvements. 

What do you get at the end of your ESG Review? 

  • ESG Review Report
    • A detailed PDF document with the findings of our ESG gap analysis. 
  • ESG Review Summary 
    • A summary presentation of your ESG Review. 
  • A ESG Management Roadmap
    • A plan to help you achieve the highest possible ESG Management Score, future-proof your business and pioneer your industry.
  • ESG Management Press Release
    • A tailored press release discussing your review 
  • ESG Management Consultancy Support 
    • Ongoing support and follow-up post-review to discuss the measures implemented and assist with reporting (included unless ESG Management are retained to manage ESG reporting or through our Outsourcing solution. 

It starts with a FREE consultation.  

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