ESG Strategy

Your ESG Strategy matters. It matters to your customers, employees and investors. It matters to the planet and its people. ESG can be defined in simple terms as the impact your company has on the environment, people and the long term prospects for the sustainable profitability of your business.

ESG confronts the positive and negative impacts your company has and how you address and communicate these impacts. Your employees, customers, investors and the general public are increasingly aware of your ESG Strategy and they are holding companies to account.

ESG Management is the ESG Consultancy division of CSR Management Group. We can help you create, implement and manage a clear and credible ESG strategy.

How can we deliver your ESG strategy?

Whether you want us to manage your ESG strategy completely as an outsourced ESG partner, or you want us to work with your team to to define a strategy that you can implement, we can conduct the following: 

  • A full ESG strategy review – What are you doing and what are the opportunities for improvement?
  • Competitor analysis – What are your competitors doing for their ESG strategy? How can you get ahead?
  • Consumer, investor and employee surveys – What do your stakeholders really care about?
  • ESG strategy workshops – How can we ensure your staff and stakeholders ‘buy-in’ to your ESG strategy?
  • Partnership sourcing and contracting – How can we ensure your partnerships align with your goals and values?
  • ESG strategy presentation
  • ESG policy writing 
  • ESG reporting and certification
  • ESG communications and PR management
  • ESG Ratings applications and ongoing management
  • ESG Data management through sustainable software solutions and automation

Once we have completed an ESG review, competitor analysis and industry research we’ll start to work with you on your ESG strategy. How long this takes and how detailed the strategy entirely depends on your company size and locations and, most importantly, your company ESG goals.

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