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CSR, ESG and Sustainability Consultants

We are a CSR, ESG and Sustainability Consultancy first and foremost. We work with businesses and organisations of all sizes. Whether you need a consultant to help with a sustainability project or you’d like us to define, implement, manage and communicate your entire CSR and Sustainability strategy, it all starts with a conversation.

Find out how CSR Management Consultants can help you with your CSR & sustainability projects.

It doesn’t matter where your organisation is on your CSR or sustainability journey. You may be carbon neutral, you may have NetZero targets, you may have aligned your organisation to the SDG’s, you may have no idea know what SDG’s are and you have no idea where to start. Whatever stage you’re at, we can help you simplify and clarify your goals then help you to achieve them however simple or technical your plan may be. 

We embed CSR into your entire organisation – your processes, decisions, policies, sales, marketing, IT, operations, finance, HR. We engage your employees, get ‘buy-in’ from investors, suppliers, local communities and most importantly your customers… 

CSR & Sustainability Review

A CSR & Sustainability Review gives you the opportunity to benchmark your CSR performance to give you a detailed understanding of your achievements and areas to improve. It’s a great place to start and can kick-start your entire CSR strategy.

Research and Innovation

We work with organisations worldwide to advise on the latest innovations and undertake relevant research in CSR and sustainability. We take a micro view of your organisation or a macro view of industry and regional trends then advise how new innovations can be implemented.

Certification & Accreditation

We work with industry bodies, existing accreditations and international reporting standards to help you achieve the highest standards of certification to showcase your achievements. From B Corp to ISO Standards, SDGs to FSC we can help you get certified.

CSR Policy Writing

A CSR Policy showcases your achievements and outlines your sustainability strategy. We can help you align your policy with your values and goals. We’ll work with you to establish what you want to achieve and get buy-in from all your stakeholders.

CSR & Sustainability Strategy

We help organisations of all sizes create effective CSR & sustainability strategies. We can help you achieve Net Zero Carbon, align your CSR strategy to the Sustainable Development Goals and other international standards or just simply shape and improve your current sustainability strategy.

Sustainability Software

Data collection, management and reporting is a painful process if you don’t have the right tools. We’ve worked with systems of all shapes and sizes and realised the only way to help our clients was to build a system ourselves. So that’s exactly what we did with Impactory.

CSR Outsourcing

Whether you have a CSR or Sustainability Manager in place or Dave in Marketing manages your CSR, we can guide you through full or part-outsourcing to leverage our expertise saving you time, effort and money instead of hiring an expensive full-time in-house CSR team.

CSR Training and Workshops

An effective CSR & sustainability strategy must have “buy-in” from your leadership team and employees. Our CSR and Sustainability training sessions help to ensure that your employees can share ownership of your CSR strategy. Half day, full day and bespoke packages are available.

CSR Reports

We can collect and audit your impact data then work with you to write and certify your CSR & Sustainability report aligning your performance with leading international reporting standards like GRI, CDP or the SDGs. We can also audit and certify your sustainability data.

CSR Management is headquartered in London and has a network of international CSR and sustainability consultants who work on a wide range of CSR, ESG and Sustainability projects. Whether you require general CSR knowledge or specialised industry-qualified sustainability consultants, our CSR Management Consultants work with organisations on any kind of project due to the quality of our network and in-house team. It all starts with a FREE consultation.

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