ESG Ratings

Environment Social and Governance (ESG) has seen a spectacular growth in interest over recent months. ESG is similar to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability but the focus of ESG is geared towards investor requirements. ESG is the broad term for defining whether a business is a worthy investment both in financial and non-financial terms. Private equity or venture capital firms, banks, pension funds and private investors use ESG ratings to decide whether they invest in your company. Your ESG Strategy therefore plays an increasingly important role in these decisions.

What are ESG Ratings?

Investors will use ESG Ratings to define quite how effective a company’s ESG strategy is. There are several worthy ones and at ESG Management we have our own ESG Rating System that can benchmark companies of all sizes. Some notable ESG Ratings for large corporates include MSCI, Sustainalytics and FTSE4Good. The higher your ESG rating, the more likely you are to achieve investment.

How can we help you improve your ESG Rating?

Investors now have a desire to understand a company’s long-term value creation plan and their impacts social and environmental. They want to receive standardised information through ESG Reports and ESG Ratings to help them consider each investment they make. This keeps things simple. But many companies don’t give investors the right information in the right format at the right time. All too often ESG is an afterthought. We can help companies of all sizes improve their chances of achieving funding through the following actions:

  • Benchmark your existing ESG score working with ESG Ratings like MSCI, Sustainalytics or FTSE4Good in addition to our ESG Management Standard.
  • Engage stakeholders to ensure ‘buy-in’ to your ESG Strategy.
  • Define your ESG Strategy through values and purpose analysis, workshops and consultations.
  • Create a world-beating ESG Strategy that will help you manage and report on your ESG impacts.
  • Develop your ESG brand and communications strategy to align your customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders.
  • Schedule your new ESG Rating with key Ratings companies.
  • ESG data management through integrated software solutions.
  • Create your ESG reporting template to ensure you can report your impacts in real-time where possible.

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