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CSR & Sustainability Review

A CSR & Sustainability Review benchmarks your organisation’s social responsibility performance. It will highlight your successes and pinpoint areas for improvement. It’s a sustainability health check.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey to be a better organisation, the most important thing is that you start making a positive impact now, right where you are. Let’s find out how you’re doing with a FREE consultation and a CSR & Sustainability Review. 

A CSR Review benchmarks your current CSR, ESG and Sustainability performance. It will highlight your successes and pinpoint areas for improvement. Think of it as a CSR and Sustainability health check that is tailored to your organisation, location and your industry. It’s a simple process that requires a small amount of your time. That’s the way we work. We operate in the sustainability resource and knowledge gap for scaling and established businesses alike. 

What do you have to do? 

  • Agree the scope of the review with your CSR Management Consultant. 
  • Complete a simple but detailed questionnaire online. 
  • Provide required supporting information. 
  • Send a survey link to employees, suppliers, customers, investors for feedback (optional). 
  • Provide competitors for comparison (optional).

What will our CSR Management Consultants do for you? 

  • Initial consultation to discuss scope of the review based on size and locations. 
  • Detailed analysis of your current CSR policies.
  • Collection and analysis of stakeholder surveys and questionnaires.  
  • Scoring and benchmarking of your CSR performance.
  • Consultation to discuss score and next steps to further improvements. 

What do you get at the end of your CSR Review? 

  • CSR Review Report
    • A detailed PDF document with the findings of our review. 
  • CSR Review Summary 
    • A summary presentation of your CSR & Sustainability Review.
  • A CSR Management Roadmap
    • A plan to help you achieve the highest possible CSR Management Score, future-proof your business and pioneer your industry.
  • CSR Management Press Release
    • A tailored press release discussing your review 
  • CSR Management Consultancy Support 
    • 3 x 1 hour consultations at 3, 6 and 12 months post-review to discuss the measures implemented and assist with reporting (included unless CSR Management are retained to manage CSR, ESG and Sustainability reporting or through our CSR Outsourcing solution. 

What do our clients say about our CSR & Sustainability Reviews?

“We are very grateful for the effort put in to producing what is a fantastically in-depth and relevant analysis of how we can make MSG Tours a flagship for sustainability in the travel industry. The consultation and report you provided us with has opened our eyes to some significant topics to cover when considering how to be more sustainable. The whole piece was brilliantly tailored to our individual situation. The document has so many little easy steps that we can make as a business! Thank you once again for the effort you put in to helping us make the first few steps in changing the travel industry for the better!”

Mark Gardner, Managing Director MSG Tours ltd – The Official Lions Rugby Tour Operator

For a FREE consultation on what your CSR Review could look like, contact us today. No obligation, no hard sell, just an open discussion about how we can help your organisation make a positive impact on the world. 

Where do you start?  

We’d love to show you how we can help. Call 03337722344 or e-mail info@csrmanagement.org.

Schedule a Meeting with a CSR & Sustainability Expert or fill in the form below and we will be in touch to discuss your enquiry.

What can we do after your CSR Review?

Once we have completed your review we’ll have a detailed understanding of your CSR & Sustainability needs as a business. Only then will we be able to make recommendations as to what we provide beyond the CSR & Sustainability Review. 

We currently offer:  

  • CSR Management Outsourcing
    • We will oversee every element of the creation, implementation, management and reporting of your CSR Strategy including annual CSR Management Accreditation.    


  • CSR Management Strategy Workshop 
    • An innovative workshop to engage and involve your stakeholders in the creation of your CSR and Sustainability strategy. 
  • CSR Management Policy Document
    • Compiling the results of the Strategy Management Workshop into a CSR & Sustainability Policy for your business. 
  • CSR Reporting & Certification
    • Compiling the results of your CSR strategy into a quarterly or annual report as required by the business. Auditing the data, campaign effectiveness and certifying the report. 
  • Accreditations and Certifications
    • We can work with you to ensure you have all the relevant certifications and accreditations required. From ISO to B-Corp and beyond.