The Professional Package

Our bespoke Professional CSR Outsourcing package is suitable for organisations of all sizes. Whether your organisation is public or private it is the ideal solution for organisations who want direct and regular access to a certified CSR Management Consultant who can define, implement and manage a CSR strategy. More in depth than the Fundamentals Package, this option allows you to continue focusing on your organisation whilst your dedicated CSR Management Consultant fills the knowledge and resource gaps at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Your CSR Management Outsourcing Package is tailored to your organisation and your requirements. Our CSR Management Consultants add real value and produce tangible results that will help you harness the benefits of CSR through a simple annual fee.

Save time, effort and over £70,000 by outsourcing your CSR to our experts.

What’s included in our Professional CSR Outsourcing Package?

  • CSR Management Review    
  • Online survey of up to 250 stakeholders – customers, employees, investors, suppliers
  • Office/workplace consultation
  • Benchmarking of your CSR performance.
  • Half day CSR Workshop with leadership team 
  • Creation of your CSR Management strategy
  • CSR Partnership outreach and management  
  • Writing your CSR policy document 
  • CSR Data Management 
  • Ongoing consultation 8 hours/month.   
  • CSR PR strategy and 1 x press release  
  • Annual CSR report

Who uses our Professional CSR Outsourcing package?

  • Start ups – We offer a simple CSR Management solution for start ups to ensure you embed sustainability and CSR into your organisation from day one.
  • Small-Medium businesses – Our fundamentals CSR and sustainability outsourcing solution gives you expert-led CSR consultancy throughout the year.
  • Large Corporations – Our Consultants can be sit on Executive boards and in strategic meetings to affect real change in your organisation through CSR.
  • Councils and Public Bodies – We help public bodies to manage their social responsibility and sustainability from start to finish.
  • Schools and Universities – Our CSR Management packages for educational institutions covers all elements of CSR for schools, colleges and universities.

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