ESG Reports

ESG is now a core part of the investment decision process. An ESG report is published by businesses that want to share their Environment, Social and Governance performance with investors and other stakeholders. An ESG Report helps to measure your progress on a variety of impacts including:

  • Sustainability and environmental performance
  • Carbon footprint and GHG emissions (Scope 1,2+3).
  • Ethical purchasing and procurement
  • Supply Chain management
  • Community and charity impact
  • Employee welfare
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Long-term sustainable profitability
  • Risk management and mitigation

Your impacts and therefore your ESG report should be measured against consistent standards. We can work with you to provide a consistent framework for measurement and improvement of your ESG performance. We can collect and audit your ESG data then work with your team to write your ESG report aligning your performance with the leading ESG reporting standards.

What can we do?

We are an international ESG consultancy. We can work with you on the following:

  • Assess compliance and regulatory frameworks for reporting.
  • Define the ESG factors most relevant to your business.
  • Align your report to the most relevant standards (GRI, CDP, UN SDGs, ISO Management Standards).
  • Collect, compile and audit your ESG data
  • Review and score your ESG performance to date
  • Provide provisional or certified scores from an ESG Ratings agency – MSCI, FTSE4Good or Sustainalytics
  • Measure your carbon footprint and GHG emissions (Scope, 1,2,3).
  • Create your ESG Report document working with you to ensure consistent branding.
  • Provide you with a gap analysis and ESG Roadmap to drive your ESG ambitions forward.
  • Ongoing ESG consultancy to help you implement changes and manage workstreams.

We get particularly busy in Q1 and Q4 as this is the traditional ESG reporting season but we can help you with your ESG strategy at any time of year, ensuring that you have all the relevant data and structure to compile your ESG report.

Let’s consider who might read your ESG report.

Your investors

“A study of 22,000 investment professionals found that 78 percent have increased their investments in ESG-focused firms.”

Schroders 2019

Investors will read your ESG report in detail and will want to know that your ESG strategy is aligned to your values and that your impact data has been audited and certified. Investors use ESG reports to make informed decisions on whether or not to invest in companies.

Your customers

55% of consumers are willing to pay extra for products or services from companies that have dedicated ESG plans


They want headlines and quick, visual reassurance that you’re making a positive impact on the planet and society.

Current and potential employees

“70% of millennials list their company’s commitment to the community as an influence on their decision to work there.” 


They want to see that you’re going to look after them, engaging with them and building a positive culture with a focus on the future. 

Everyone else

87% of consumers would be willing to buy a product or service based on the company’s social responsibility.


Your local community, media, competitors, the general public, your family and friends. That’s a lot of people who want to hear in simple terms how socially responsible your organisation is. We can help you produce an ESG report to be proud of.

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