Who do we work with?

CSR Management is an inclusive Corporate Social Responsibility Consultancy. It’s never too late to begin your journey towards a more sustainable, responsible future for your company or organisation. You focus on your values and strategy. We’ll ensure that your CSR program makes a real difference to your stakeholders and the wider world.   

ESG, CSR and Sustainability for Large Corporations (500+ employees)

We work with large corporations to add a layer of expertise to CSR, ESG or sustainability projects. We can work as an integrated part of a CSR & Sustainability team or work independently to help you achieve your objectives. Every business is working towards Net Zero carbon emissions targets and we can help you define, implement and report on your Net Zero strategy.

We can help with – Strategy and policy creation, stakeholder engagement, ESG ratings, CSR & ESG reports, Sustainability research, training and workshops, sustainability data software, Advisory Boards, Net Zero and Carbon Neutral strategy, B Corp Accreditation, ISO Certification and more… Start the conversation.

CSR and Sustainability for SMEs

Small business. Big impacts. Our work with Small and Medium Enterprises is our most varied but highly rewarding. Your business is unique so your CSR & Sustainability strategy should be too. That’s where we come in. We will work with you as often as needed to define, create, manage and report on your impacts. We’ll keep your bottom line in focus as we deliver on CSR and sustainability objectives, helping you to future proof your business for years to come.

If you need a CSR & sustainability consultant we can work with you on projects when you need us or you can take advantage of our CSR Outsourcing service to fully embed CSR & Sustainability into your business. Speak to our small business sustainability experts. Contact Us.

ESG, CSR and Sustainability for Start Ups

If you’re a new business in any sector, it’s vital that you consider your CSR and sustainability impacts now. You concentrate on launching and scaling your Start Up, let us help you embed CSR, ESG and sustainability into your business. Whether you’re a small business start up focused on customers and clients or you’re the next tech unicorn on the search for investment, we can help you make a positive impact and tell the world about it.

Our CSR Management Consultants will assess the impacts you’re making, showcase innovative solutions then work with you on a strategy to deliver results that will impress customers, clients and investors alike. Contact our Start Ups team.

ESG, CSR and Sustainability for Investors

Through our work with businesses we understand the importance that ESG, CSR and sustainability play in today’s financial markets. In particular ESG is helping investment firms, Venture Capitalists, Private Equity firms, banks, pension funds and other finance companies make “Good” investments.

We work with investors to help them assess and verify ESG ratings, reports and data prior to investment. We identify gaps and opportunities. Then we integrate practical training solutions and strategies to help the companies to make a positive impact on the planet, society and profits to drive long-term investment value.

If your investment firm would like a consultation on how we can help then get in touch.

CSR & Sustainability for Public Bodies

We work with councils, all levels of government, departments of state and many public bodies to help them achieve their CSR and sustainability objectives. We can help councils achieve Net Zero carbon emissions. We can assess, create, implement, manage and report on CSR & sustainability strategies that will drive real results. Our team have worked on Cities of the Future initiatives and have pioneered industries particularly in the built environment. We can assist with sustainable procurement and tendering helping to implement strategies to drive sustainable processes and policies. We work with public bodies large and small on a wide variety of projects so get in touch for a FREE consultation.

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CSR for Business

From small businesses, SMEs to large corporations we can work across all industries. Our clients span international manufacturing and service businesses, logistics, construction, real estate, hospitality, sport and more. From clothing manufacturers to timber merchants, restaurants to travel companies and every other business – our frameworks and services are universal. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is CSR Management can help you deliver long-term strategies and ad-hoc CSR projects.   

CSR for Councils and Departments of State

From ISO training and certification to ad-hoc project tenders and more complex transformations for entire governments or government departments. Our consultants have experience working with various government departments including projects that span  transport, social care and health, business and trade, culture and sport, education, energy and industry, housing and many more. Whether you have a long-term transformation or a short-term CSR or sustainability project we can help all levels of government to define goals, implement strategies to achieve them, then report on the outcomes. 

CSR for Schools 

We work with schools and education authorities to help them define, create and manage CSR strategies in addition to our CSR4Schools educational programme. We are on a mission to visit 5000 schools worldwide by 2030 to showcase the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and ensuring that school children all over the world take the core principles of CSR into their working lives as well as giving them tips for living a more sustainable life. If your school wants to participate in our CSR4Schools programme then get in touch. We’d love to talk. 

CSR for Colleges and Universities

We work with Colleges and Universities all over the world to help them define, create, manage and report on CSR and sustainability strategies. We also work alongside Business Studies departments to share our perspectives on CSR around the world to impact the  leaders of tomorrow. Whether you’d like assistance with your own sustainability and CSR or you’d like us to to provide educational services to your students, get in touch with us.  

CSR for Charities and NGO’s

We work with charities and NGO’s all over the world to assist them where possible with fundraising, partnership management and project awareness. We also work with charities and NGO’s to define, implement and manage credible CSR strategies. Often charities are so focused on one cause that CSR as a broader impact tool is de-prioritised. Let us worry about the CSR Management and you can focus on maximum impact for your cause.   

Whatever the size of your organisation CSR Management can work with you to ensure that you are managing your impact on the world.