CSR Audits

At CSR Management we’re used to working at any point of the CSR journey and it won’t take us long to showcase the impact we can have on your organisation. We will analyse your business values, goals and needs to ensure that we can encompass every possible CSR initiative.

However far along you are with your CSR strategy we are here to help you asses how you’re doing and what more can be done. You may have a well established CSR policy that you feel needs a tweak to really accelerate your progress or you may have no CSR policy at all.

WITH YOU… we want to emphasise this. There is no CSR strategy without your input and we will work with all relevant stakeholders to give you ownership over your CSR. The more buy-in your CSR strategy gets from every touch point your company has, the more likely you are to be able to report successes.

Our tailored CSR Audits can include visits to premises worldwide to assess construction, working conditions, processes, sustainability measures, local community impact, consumption and disposals. We can also assess all relevant levels of your supply chain to our own internal standards in addition to the international standards and approved industry bodies, allowing you to demonstrate to your stakeholders and customers that you have a 360 degree approach to your CSR.

Your audit will be delivered as a policy document to set your initial benchmark. If required, we can then work with you on a forward-thinking CSR strategy that encompasses where you are now and where you want to get to. Want to be Carbon negative by 2050 like Microsoft’s moonshot pledge? Fine, let’s see where your company is currently and help you build your strategy to get there.

The way we approach CSR can be broken down into 6 parts.


What can be included?

  • Company analysis – values, brand, sentiment.
  • Stakeholder outreach – customers, employees, investors, suppliers
  • E-mail surveys and focus groups
  • Company Office visits
  • Supply chain inspections
  • International premises inspections
  • Local and international sustainability analysis
  • Business process analysis
  • Community project and engagement audit
  • Sentiment scoring and PR analysis

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