Mark Gardner Director of MSG tours

“We are very grateful for the effort put in to producing what is a fantastically in-depth and relevant analysis of how we can make MSG Tours a flagship for sustainability in the travel industry.”

The consultation and report you provided us with has driven conversation in our recent sustainability meetings and opened our eyes to some significant topics to cover when considering how to be more sustainable.

The main statement that I would like to make is that the whole piece was brilliantly tailored to our individual situation. You considered our up-coming project to South Africa and relayed some very acute points for us to use and analyse whilst piecing together all elements of the trip.The document has so many little easy steps that we can make as a business!

Thank you once again for the effort you put in to helping us make the first few steps in changing the travel industry for the better!

Mark Gardner, Managing Director

MSG Tours Ltd – Sustainability Review & CSR Strategy